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Essential Furniture For a Toddler Room

Before you realize, your baby has already grown into a toddler. He / She starts to climbing out of crib, and you don’t need to breastfeed or change diapers anymore, so you know – It is the time to let your little one have his / her own space – a bedroom for toddler.

You want to make a list of furniture you need to transform your nursery into a toddler room.

It’s different for each family, but we list out all the essential pieces of furniture most parents purchase to complete their kid’s bedroom.

Toddler Bed

If the crib you purchased is a 3-in-1 convertible crib or a 4-in-1 convertible crib, all you need is a toddler guard rail to finish the transition. But if what you have is a traditional crib, or for some reason you need a bigger bed for your toddler, you should consider a toddler bed or a bunk bed (if you have multiple kids).

  • Toddler Bed

2MamaBees Montessori House Bedframe w/ Rails

Depends on your budget and personal needs, there are many options you can choose from. Some toddler beds are simple designed but with premium quality, like Oxford Baby Lazio Toddler Bed. It only costs less than $100 after discount but it can last for years. Another popular option is Montessori toddler bed. Many parents testify floor beds promote independence in that toddlers have free reign of their entire (baby-proofed) bedroom, rather than confined to a crib. This allows them to play with quiet toys and books as they wind down before sleep and upon waking up. We recommend this Montessori House Bedframe with Rails from 2MamaBees. This bed is crafted from furniture-grade cedar wood, suitable for standard US mattress, and complies with all kinds of rigorous tests for kids safety.

Loft bed is a great choice if there is limited space in your kids’ bedroom. You can utilize the space under the bed and place a study desk, small bookcase, and other storage. We recommend this Ambar Twin Loft Bed with Chest Desk & Bookcase by ACME. It is designed with children safety in mind, including an easy access guard-rail, and plenty of storage for kids’ items. It is a long-lasting piece that can carry your kid to college.

  • Bunk Bed

The bunk bed is one of the most popular solutions to maximize the use of space and add a touch of excitement. Piling two or three beds on top of one another effectively doubles the sleeping area without adding additional floor space. This is particularly advantageous for small rooms or shared bedrooms, where space is often at a premium. By freeing up valuable floor space, you can create more room for storage, play areas, or study nooks. It’s also a cost-effective way to set up your kids’ bedroom for families with multiple children. Some bunk beds for kids include additional storage like drawers, shelves, or cubbies for your kids’ essentials.

Toddler Storage

As your kid grows up, more and more stuff will be accumulated in your kid’s bedroom. Books, toys, cloths… some things you want them to have easy access to, some not. So you will need different kinds of storage furniture.

  • Dresser, Chest & Nightstand

Soho Baby Ellison White

For cloths that don’t need to be hang up, you can put them in a dresser or chest. Socks, intimates, and cotton pants, for example. The difference between dressers and chests are: dressers usually takes a bit more space, but you can utilize the surface and install a mirror or place some bedroom décor; while chests are more space-saving and work better with limited space. If you have a girl, a dresser might be more suitable since you can transition it into a vanity by adding a mirror.

A nightstand is great additional storage too. Your kids can put things like glasses, story books, cups, night light, that needs easy access.

  • Cloths Wardrobe

Different from a dresser or a chest, a wardrobe is for bigger cloths like sweaters, jackets, hats, and even shoes. It is a place to store your toddler’s cloths that requires dedicated care. A couple organization tips: you can store formal lesser-worn items and out-of-season cloths toward the back and on the upper shelves; and add a shoe rack to the bottom of the wardrobe.

  • Bookcase

Books are an important part of toddlers’ life. Not only does reading help children develop a stronger vocabulary skillset, but it also helps them be better communicators. So a bookcase or a bookshelf is a must have for toddler room. It can help to organize your toddler’s books and encourage your toddler to read more often. It would be even better to set up a reading nook for your kids. Your kids can have a designated reading station to explore knowledge without interruption.

Study Desk & Chair

Sitting at a study desk gives kids’ a sense of purpose - to study, work or create. A dedicated study space helps children to develop a routine, so they will easily focus on their study. Having a study desk and chair will also help your child develop good posture at an early age. So they won’t have health issues that caused by bad posture.

Toys That Encourage Imagination Play

2MamaBees Aviana Gourmet Play Kitchen

Toddlers learn by imagining and doing. Pretend play helps your child improve language ability, social and emotional skills, and imagination. That’s why a pretend play toy is a popular choice for most modern families. You can put a kids play kitchen in your kid’s room or place a toddler house in your kid’s playroom or outdoor.

Toy Cabinet

Of course you will need a toy cabinet or storage for kids toys. Get one that is designed for toddlers’ reachable height, so they can organize toys on their own. With a toy organizer, you don’t need to worry about messy floor with kids toys.

Toddler Chair

An extra chair can be useful for your toddler to rest, read or take a nap. The toddler chairs we carry are great addition to your toddler’s bedroom or playroom. For example, this Contemporary Yellow Vinyl Kids Recliner from Flash Furniture is specifically designed for kids’ comfort. This plush recliner comes with a built-in headrest, footrest, and a cup holder to free up little hands and help prevent spills. Kids can enjoy watching tv, playing games or reading in this adorable recliner which keeps them occupied in comfort.


Hope this list gives you some inspiration on getting the right toddler furniture for your kid’s bedroom. If you need help on purchasing toddler furniture, Newborn Nursery Furniture is always here to guide you on every step.

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