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How to Convert Your Baby Nursery into a Toddler Room

Time flies. It didn’t seem long ago your newborn arrived. Now your baby is outgrowing his/her nursery. So you realize it is the time to transition the nursery into a toddler room.

Although it sounds like a fun task to accomplish, convert your baby’s nursery into a toddler room does require a lot of plan and effort.

In this post, we will give a few tips to ease the transition from your baby nursery into a toddler room.

Convert Your Toddler’s Crib or Get a Toddler Bed

2MamaBees Montessori House Bedframe with Rails

First look around and see what furniture need to be transformed or replaced. We bet the first piece of furniture you want to replace or convert is your baby’s crib. Most toddlers make the switch sometime between 18 months and 3 years old according to the Sleep Foundation.

And if the crib you bought for your little one is a convertible crib, all you need is a toddler guard rail to make the transition. You can easily swap out one of the crib’s sides for a toddler guard rail. The toddler rail lets your little one climb in and out of their bed while still protecting them at night.

But if you need to replace the crib with a toddler bed, you should find one that fits the tone of your current décor and of course your toddler loves it. We highly recommend this montessori house bedframe with rails from 2MamaBees. This bed is made from furniture grade cedar wood, and fits standard size US mattress. It will make a safe transition from crib to toddler bed.

Swap Out Your Toddler’s Bedding

It’s necessary to update your toddler’s bedding to complete the “grown-up kid” bed refresh. Swap out your toddler’s nursery crib sheet for toddler’s bedding.

You can let your kid choose their favorite theme, whether it’s an animal, or a carton character. It’s a great opportunity to help your little one gain a sense of independence.

Transform Your Changing Table to a Dresser

Oxford Baby Kenilworth 6-Drawer Dresser Stone Wash

As your kid grows bigger and starts getting ready for potty, your diaper changing days draw to a close. So now it is the time to transform your changing table into a dresser or a sort of storage.

You can simply remove the changing topper and keep the dresser in your toddler’s room. Or if what you have is a changing table or changing station, remove the changing pad and use the top for storage and to display fun decor items.

Many parents seize this opportunity to switch to a bigger dresser that can store more items like your little one’s cloths, toys and other bedroom essentials. A nightstand can be a great storage addition to your toddler’s room too.

Give More Space to Your Toddler by Move Out Furniture Not in Need

As your little one grows to a toddler, some nursery furniture is not needed anymore and should be moved out. You nursery rocking chair for example, can be used as an extra seat in living room or your bedroom.

One reason to do so is making more space for your toddler. With the extra space, you can set up a play area with a pretend play kitchen, or a reading nook for your kid.

Introducing Toddler-Friendly Decor

Refresh your toddler’s space by introducing toddler-friendly décor. Maybe you’d like to paint a cute accent wall, adjust the lighting, hang new curtains, get some comfy floor pillows, or a new rug.

You can use this time to bring in bright colors to stimulate a toddler's curiosity, transitioning your toddler’s room from a soothing to an energizing ambiance. It can be a fun project to do with your little one.

Swap Out Nursery Items for Age Appropriate Toys

2MamaBees Aviana Gourmet Play Kitchen

As your kid grows older, the baby toys won’t be interesting for them anymore. Now it’s the time to swap them out for some age appropriate toys. This play kitchen from 2MamaBees is a great educational toys for intelligence development for any toddler of 2+.

It is also a great opportunity to introduce some organization skills to your toddler. Get a toddler storage bin and teach your kiddo some new skills to keep his / her room tidy.

Childproofing the Room for a Toddler

The last step before wrapping up – childproof your toddler room. You want to make sure it is totally safe for your toddler since your child will be spending years in this room.

Remove all the potential hazards. Cover up all the electrical outlets and power cords. Tie up blind cords, and decors that has hanging strings. Secure heavy furniture to the wall.

Store items that can potentially hurt your kids far from their reach. Make sure liquid items like lotions, shampoos are locked or stored properly.

Final Words

Converting your baby nursery into a toddler room is not as simple as switching a crib to a toddler bed, but there are a lot more to plan and consider. It is a great time to introduce new house rules to your toddler and foster the sense of independence. You can also use this opportunity to teach some organization skills to your kids so they can keep their own space clean and tidy.

If you need help on getting toddler furniture, Newborn Nursery Furniture is always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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