Nursery Chair: A Buyer's Guide for a Comfortable Nursing Experience in 2023

While searching for a nursery chair, you might notice there are a lot of choices out there. So, how do you make the best choice? Fret not, we can help you narrow down the options.

First of all, you have to remember that every mom’s needs are different. The best choice depends on your own preferences. So, let’s check out this guide to see some points that you might want to consider before making a purchase.

Some of the important factors you can consider:

    I. SPACE

      First, you need to know the location for the nursery chair. Will you place it in the baby’s room? Or perhaps it is more convenient to place it in the living room? Wherever it is, you have to think of convenience factors when determining the location. (Read this article for 10 recommended nursery rocker for small cozy nursery.)

      Once you have decided, measure the space of your choice. Remember to add in extra inches for a safe and comfortable movement, leave some room for cleaning, and some other objects that might be close in that area.

      When you browse through the catalogue, make sure you pay extra attention to the measurements provided. Always refer again to the measurements of your available space. If the nursery chair comes with additional item such as an ottoman, remember to include the ottoman measurements as well. The same goes to recliner type. You have to include the extra inches it will occupy once it is fully extended.

      So now, you got the space factor covered, let’s look at the most important factor -> what features that you want the nursery chair to have?

        II. TYPE & FEATURE

          In general, there are 3 types of nursery chairs available: Rocker, recliner, and glider.

          Let us go through one by one.

          Aesthetic and appearance: Remember a scene in a movie where a mother is feeding her baby while gently rocking back and forth on this type of chair? Owning this type of rocker will surely give a traditional feeling, almost like living in the coziness of a countryside. Aesthetically pleasing with its sleek design.

          upholstered rocker

          Mechanism and material: In general, rocker is a type of chair with curved bands attached to the bottom of the legs. When a person sits on it, it will rock back and forth with the bands touching the floor at two contact points at a time. Most traditional rockers are made of high-quality wood, giving them a sturdy look. You can find some rockers that are made of metal or mixed material as well. Some rockers come with padded backrest and seat and some are fully upholstered with leather or fabric.

          Practicality: Most rockers are simple and minimalist in design, often making them the most practical choice. The size and weight are lighter compared to recliners and gliders. If you think you might want a chair that can be moved around conveniently, or your space is limited, this type might be the one for you.

          Comfort and safety: Traditional rockers are good for support and comfortable enough for short-term usage but for a long-term, you might want to opt for rockers that come with padded armrest, backrest, and seat. Your body will thank you for this.

          For safety wise, rockers are generally safe to use but don’t forget to take precaution as the curved bands can be a pinch point especially for toddlers and pets.

          Another point to note, if you place your rocker on wooden floor, you might need to frequently move it a bit to avoid leaving a mark on the floor.

          Aesthetic and appearance: Although gliders are a type of rockers, but appearance wise, they come in a variety of sizes and designs. Thus, the aesthetic aspect of gliders is pretty much broad but they surely add a luxurious and elegant look.

          glider and ottoman set

          Mechanism and material: Gliders can be summed up as an upgraded version of rockers. While gliders do rock back and forth like rockers, the mechanism is different. The base of gliders is fixed and it is the seat that moves in a swinging motion. Thus, the movement is much smoother, quieter and safer because it glides rather than rocks. Some gliders come with swivel base that can make a 360-degree turn.

          Gliders are made of multiple materials such as metal and wood for the base and structure, and fabric for the upholstery parts. Some gliders come with leather upholstery.

          Practicality: Gliders are bigger and heavier compared to rockers, especially if they come with matching ottomans. If you have enough space, this might be your option. A glider with swivel base is a convenient choice if you want to reach for items while sitting. Most gliders have pockets for storage so you can store essential items within reach.

          Comfort and safety: Cushioned chairs, swinging motion, and swivel base do add another level of comfort and convenience. For safety, gliders do not have pinch point so there is one less thing to worry.

          Aesthetic and appearance: Recliners often look really inviting. Not just for nursing, you might want to take a break on one of these after a long tiring day. It looks extra comfy, cozy, and it can also act like a centerpiece in a room with its ‘expensive’ appearance.

          Mechanism and material: Recliners as the name states, can recline when the backrest is tilted and the footrest is raised. Recliners can be manual or motorized.


          Recliners are made of multiple materials such as metal, wood, and upholstered with fabric, leather, and other materials. The seat might include spring, foam, or pocket coil.

          Practicality: If you have extra space and requires a nursery chair that offers a lot of functions, you might want to get a recliner. Some recliners can act as a rocker or glider as well. Some even have swivel base. Often comes with pockets, it is a very convenient choice.

          Comfort and safety: Recliners pretty much offer maximum level of comfort. It helps a lot if you want to feel relax while nursing your little one. Safety wise, most of the parts are cushioned or padded and it has very little risk to topple due to its heavier weight, making much safer.

          III. BUDGET

          Nursery chairs come at a wide range of prices. A pocket friendly option can cost around $300, and one that has a lot of additional features can cost a few more hundred dollars.

          Make a rough estimation of how much you’re willing to pay. You can balance up between your budget and your needs. You might want to consider spending extra to get a more comfortable chair for you and your baby.

          Or you can settle for a nice cozy traditional rocking chair with a cheaper price just because you want a traditional, nostalgic mommy-baby bonding time feeling.

          It’s totally up to you. Once you have made up your mind, let’s move on to the next chapter: explore our options for you.

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