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6 Baby Nursery Furniture for Smart Organization

Keep a nursery organized is essential for new moms. An organized nursery makes it easy on your eyes and convenient to find items you need. You and your baby deserve such beautiful and clean space to enjoy each other!

At Newborn Nursery Furniture, we strive to provide the best nursery furniture for your organization need. From nursery dresser to changing station, each piece is designed to help you stay organized and blend seamlessly with your nursery décor.

Below are 6 nursery organization furniture to ease your life with a newborn.

1. Nursery Dresser

nursery dresser

A nursery dresser can store most of your baby stuff if you use it wisely. You can use dividers to easily store all you need, from clothes to baby toys, and diaper bag essentials. The nursery dressers in our store are designed to grow with your child. You can convert it to a changing station with a changing topper, and remove the topper once your little one grows up and keep using it as a dresser in your bedroom. It’s a cost-efficient nursery organization furniture for new moms.

2. Nursery Chest


Also called “Chest of drawers”, is just the formal name for the furniture piece commonly known as a chest. Unlike the dresser, the chest is tall and fairly narrow. The real benefit is that a chest's drawers are arranged vertically, so it takes up significantly less floor space in your bedroom than a traditional dresser. It’s a great choice if you have limited living space but need a lot of storage for your baby items. It is a long term investment too. After your kid grows up, you can move the chest to another room and keep using it for cloth and bedroom essentials.

3. Chifferobe


Chifferobe is another great storage choice for your nursery organization. A chifferobe usually comes with a hanging room on one side, and a stack of drawers on the other side. It is a pretty versatile piece of furniture that you can use to keep all your baby essentials and mommy essentials in there. The nursery chifferobe at Newborn Nursery Furniture is beautifully designed to blend with your nursery décor, and constructed with children safety in mind.

4. Changing Table / Station

changing station

A diaper changing table or changing station is a must-have for your nursery. Not only do they provide convenience and comfort for you to change your baby on, but they also offer storage for your diaper essentials. A newborn needs diaper change every 2-3 hours, so it’s important to have your diaper essentials placed near or under the changing table. If you worry about what to do with the changing table after your child gets bigger and don’t need it anymore, our tip is: simply remove the changing pad and use it as a small dresser or shelf to store bedroom essentials.

5. Nightstand


A nightstand is a great addition to your nursery. Get a one-drawer nightstand or two-drawer nightstand, in which you can store some small essentials like baby toys, burp cloths, and story books. On the top of a nightstand, you can put a dimmer lamp, a moisturizer, a baby monitor, or a clock. Some moms choose to put a nightstand next to their nursery glider. That way, they don’t need to get up to reach an item when they are breastfeeding or bonding with their little one.

6. Storage Ottoman

nursery ottoman

A storage ottoman is designed with hidden storage inside. You can use it as a footrest, an extra seat, and a storage to hold all kinds of extra nursery stuff. You can keep it in front of your nursery rocking chair or nursery glider to rest your feet during breastfeeding. And use it as an extra seat in your living room or bedroom after not needed in nursery.


It’s important to keep your nursery clean and tidy. Choosing the right nursery furniture can help you big in organizing your nursery. Although a lot of parents go with a nursery dresser and a changing topper, it is totally up to your preference and budget. But if you need help with purchasing nursery furniture, Newborn Nursery Furniture is always here to help you. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions related to nursery furniture.

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