6 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating A Nursery

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating A Nursery

Setting up a nursery room is an exciting task for new parents. But it can also be overwhelming since there are so many options to choose from and so much to consider.

From layout plans to finding the proper nursery furniture, every step is essential to ensure a safe and cozy sleeping environment for your newborn.

To save your time and money for later amending, avoid these 6 nursery mistakes when decorating your nursery.

Using a Second-Hand or Vintage Crib

baby crib

As the center of a nursery room, a crib should be one of the first pieces of nursery furniture on your baby checklist. And you should find a safe crib that meets current crib safety standards. A second-hand or a vintage crib may look pretty, but the spacing between the slats rarely conforms to the current standard of 2 3/8 inches or less, which is intended to make it impossible for a baby's head to become caught. Additionally, the finish may include old layers of leadbased paint. So the best way to go is purchasing a new crib. Especially one that has JPMA or Greenguard Gold seal.

Not Setting Up a Diaper Changing Station

changing station

According to Pampers, every two to three hours, or as often as needed, a baby needs to change diaper. That means 10 – 12 times a day – crazy! You can change your baby’s diaper with a changing pad on the floor, but that will cause back pain after a while. The way to make things easier for you is to set up a diaper changing station. Either a stand-alone diaper changing station or a nursery dresser converted to a changing station with a changing topper. Most diaper changing stations also come with storage, making it easy for you to store diapers and baby clothing for convenience.

Being Too Gendered

gender neutral nursery

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There is nothing wrong to decorate your baby’s nursery according to his or her gender. But if you would like to wait until the baby’s arrival to find out gender or you plan to have more than one kid, being neutral on nursery room décor will save you tons of time and money. Pick a neutral nursery theme like safari animal, bright color rainbow, or classic colors of black & white; paint the walls white or ivory and incorporate adorable peel-and-stick wallpaper; keep things simple and functional, placing tall plants with natural wood nursery furniture such as cribs and dressers.

Buying Nursery Items Not Necessary or Needed At Early Stage

It’s tempting to buy lots of products when shopping for your baby’s nursery. We recommend you to use a baby checklist or create a registry to prevent impulse buying. Many new parents regretted that some of the stuff they bought were not necessary or needed during the first few months or even the first year of their baby’s arrival. The result of buying unnecessary items is overspending your budget and less storage left for essential baby things.

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Not Having the Right Light

Having sufficient light in a nursery is essential. Choose the right light can help your baby sleep better. A few tips: Do not use light or lamp that is overly bright that makes your baby overstimulated. Get a light dimmer to control nursery lighting without being disruptive. A lighted ceiling fan is a good alternative nursery lighting option. Ceiling fans produce coolness, and the fan motion entices babies to fall asleep. We recommend you to buy one with colorful blades or interesting pattern.

Not Babyproofing Your Nursery


This is one of the most important steps when setting up a nursery. Making sure your baby’s sleeping environment safe should be the top priority for new parents. Do not hang decors above your baby crib that may fall and harm your little one. Anchor heavy nursery furniture like dressers, chifferobe, and bookcase from accidentally falling over. Cover electrical outlets to prevent baby from sticking their fingers in the sockets. Buy corner protectors and edge guards to cover sharp corners on the nursery furniture. Make sure all the furniture in your nursery is stable and doesn't have any loose table or chair legs. Store any liquid or power baby items in a separate room and away from your baby.

Sum Up

Setting up a nursery for your baby requires lots of learning especially for new parents. Buying the right nursery furniture is a big part of it. If you need any help on choosing the right nursery furniture, Newborn Nursery Furniture is always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at help@newbornurseryfurniture.com if you have any questions on buying nursery furniture.

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