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37 Unique Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Gender-neutral nurseries are becoming more popular for parents that plan to raise their kids genderless or have multiple kids. It’s also a smart way to have your nursery fit in with your existing home décor.

We gathered 37 unique gender-neutral nursery ideas.

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01 Modern Farmhouse Perfection

modern farmhouse nursery theme
Photo via Art Home Garden

Check out here - a modern farmhouse vibe makes the room feel cozy and inviting. Natural wood tones create a sense of warmth, and shiplap adds texture.

02 Bright Color Rainbow

bright rainbow nursery theme

Photo via bettys_interiors

Love a colorful theme but don’t wanna go too far? Go with a rainbow theme. A gender-neutral nursery doesn’t mean you were confined to a soft, muted color palette. Check this one. This colorful rainbow-infused space certainly proves otherwise.

03 Classic Color Combo

classic color combo nursery theme

Photo via oxfordbabyfurniture

Nothing works better than this classic black meets white color theme. This tried-and-true pair works beautifully for a gender-neutral space.

04 Bright plus All White

Bright plus All White Nursery Theme

Photo via littlecrowninteriors

Like to play with the natural light? Go with an all-white color theme to make sure nursery looks large and open.

05 Bold Wall Color

bold wall color nursery theme

Photo via life_downthelane

There’s nothing wrong with being bold in your nursery. Using bold colors or pattern wallpaper in your nursery sometimes can up the design game in your space. Go with instinct!

06 Safari Chic

safari nursery theme

Photo via

An animal theme always brings warmth to your heart. Set the tone for the space with warm beiges, tans and browns, and accessorize with plush animals. Using a rug that adds chic and coziness.

07 Vintage Vibes

vintage vibe nursery theme

Photo via jamieraerichards

Vintage pieces and accessories will help create a distinct personality for your neutral nursery. Balance old-time vibes with updated outlet and fresh buys for a unique look.

08 Boho Baby

boho nursery theme

Photo via bohonurseries

Relax in bohemian aesthetic. Opt for natural materials and woven pieces, like a natural wood crib, a tall green and a bohemian rug. Keep the space bright with fresh, white walls.

09 Wood Accent Nursery

 wood accent nursery theme

Photo via harteliefboutique

Using wood elements to accent your nursery is the perfect way to bring in some warmth and modern rustic vibes. You can choose to set up a wood wall or add some wooden furniture.

10 Little Lamb Lullabies

little lamb nursery theme

Photo via linenperch

Create your dream nursery with plenty of soft textures and a lovely, lamb-inspired theme. A vintage-look iron crib adds a dose of nostalgia to this space, while a comfy rocker and ottoman ensures practicality.

11 Modern Minimalist

modern minimalist nursery theme

Photo via giacomettivittidesign

Like to be simple? Consider a minimalist nursery design. Just get the pieces you need – a crib, a glider, a dresser with a topper.

12 Natural Inspiration

natural inspiration nursery theme

Photo via archer.foxx

Bring nature to your nursery for a tranquil design. Work with a palette of soft neutrals and use natural materials as much as possible. Hang botanical prints for an organic touch that requires no maintenance.

13 Library Nursery

library nursery theme

Photo via liberty.interiors

As your little one grows, you’ll definitely be gathering a collection of books. Instead of stowing them away, make them the focal point of your design.

14 Graphic Design

graphic design nursery theme

Photo via projectnursery

Graphic black-and-white wallpaper will grow with baby, no matter their gender. Layer in plenty of texture, and accent with light gray to soften the look.

15 Gallery Wall

gallery wall nursery theme

Photo via the_bohoblonde

Bring the gallery trend straight into your nursery with a gallery wall. You can choose ark work, a group of animal pictures, or simply gather up some of your favorite pieces to create a more eclectic grouping.

16 Cottage Charm

cottage charm nursery

Photo via cottageonthebank

Take a look at this darling cottage nursery. Brown color tone with wooden crib. The room’s charming, cottage-inspired design could easily work for a little lady or gentleman.

17 Modern Eclectic

modern ecletic nursery

Photo via pipandsox

This modern eclectic nursery is simple and stylish. Light colored wall and décor with natural light makes the whole room clean and bright.

18 Birch Trees

birch tree nursery

Photo via stickywallvinyl

Birch tree with baby’s name. A dark brown crib with a dark wooden floor. Looks like the trees are growing out of the ground. This is such a cool birch forest nursery for either a girl or a boy.

19 Geometric

geometric nursery theme

Photo via ellecollinshome

This colorful, dynamic baby room from has a modern feel with a retro vibe thanks to the geometric wall treatment in luminous shades of blue, green, and coral.

20 Graphic Black and White

graphic black and white nursery

Photo via rachsomp

Check out this black and white nursery if you think nursery needs to be colorful. The pictures of bears and bookshelves bring warmth to your heart.

21 Stripped Ceiling

striped ceiling nursery

Photo by Marco Ricca Studio

Do not hesitate to make a bold statement in your nursery - Like this one – paint stripped ceiling. This adds more personality and makes the room more playful.

22 Dreamy

 dreamy nursery theme

Photo via ivi_interiors

This nursery from ivi_interiors has cloud mural wallpaper and a two-toned palette of soft and dreamy tones of pastel grey and white, creating a soft, dreamy, cloudlike backdrop for a room that is filled with furniture that has color match the theme.

23 Midcentury Modern

mid-century modern nursery

Photo via cmblack.designs

This midcentury modern inspired nursery designed by cmblack.designs features a dark color crib, brown leather rocker and wooden nightstand. The room decor is kept neutral and natural, with white walls, metallic accents, and notes of greenery throughout.

24 Reading Nook

reading nook nursery

Photo via thesassybarn

This book/library nursery has a dedicated reading corner, comfortable recliner and a white finish wooden crib. The color is soft and clean, makes it perfect for either a boy or a girl.

25 Giraffe

giraffe nursery theme

Photo via littlecrowninteriors

There are so many animal theme options to choose from – forest animals, woodland animals, ocean animals; or you can pick an animal you like, like a cute giraffe. A child of either gender would love a theme with animals. It will also help cultivate their love for wildlife and nature.

26 Room to Grow

room to grow

Photo via Chango & Co

This spacious baby room from Chango & Co. was designed to grow with the child. The black-and-white wallpaper creates a dynamic feel, a modern changing table will easily transition into a dresser, installed a gallery wall of graphic prints, and added a row of low-slung shelving that is perfect for toys now but books and toddler essentials later.

27 Nature

nature nursery theme

Photo via florettehomedesign

Another theme with wide range selections – mix shades of green, hang botanical wallpaper, paint it green, layout animal graphics, etc. A nature theme never gets old. It will become a cozy and relaxing spot for you and your baby.

28 Birdsong

birdsong nursery

Photo via missprint_ltd

No matter wallpaper with colorful birds or placing a few bird decorations on white nursery furniture, it will work for both genders. Birds add dynamic and life sense to your baby’s nursery.

29 Earth Nursery

earth nursery theme

Photo via gwdkids

Want your kids to be an ambassador of environment? Start with an Earth Theme. The easiest way to do it is hanging up a couple of cute pictures with earth and clouds above your baby’s crib. A poster of a beautiful earth and stars would also do the job.

30 Tree Nursery

tree nursery

Photo via OliPrint

A neutral color wall with creative and cute fall tree wall decoration that has simple yet stunning curvy branches makes it a perfect neutral gender nursery. Use a tree mural sticker features dreamy scene –what could a little kid love more?

31 Modern Nursery

modern nursery theme

Photo via mamasandpapasme

You can’t go wrong with a bright and modern space for a nursery. The goal of a modern nursery is clean lines, sculptural elements, and a clutter-free environment where only the things you need are displayed. Opt for a neutral color palette, splurge on a stylish light fixture, and you've left babyish behind and created a space where your little one can grow into it and enjoy for years to come.

32 Neutral

neutral nursery theme

Photo via furnishing.flametree

It’s in the name. This nursery from furnishing.flametree sticks to a neutral palette of creamy shades of white and soft shades of black to create a serene gender-neutral feel.

33 Light and Bright

light and bright nursery theme

Photo via ourhuddybuddy

Wanna make use of the natural light? You will like this one from ourhuddybuddy. It has a white-on-white aesthetic that is charming and easy on the eyes. Textural and colorful accents like a neon yellow wall sconce add warmth and personality.

34 Confetti

confetti nursery theme

Photo by David Casas

This cheerful nursery room from Little Crown Interiors has colored confetti wallpaper covers the walls, providing a rainbow of accent color to the room.

35 Coastal

coastal nursery theme

Photo via kbdesign02025

If you have a coastal décor home, why not extend that to your nursery. All you need is a sea wave rug and a few graphics of sea animals or plants.

36 Neutral Territory

neutral territory nursery

Photo via Christy Q. Photo

37 Poetic

poetic nursery
Photo via The House That Lars Built

This baby room from The House That Lars Built has pale robin's egg blue walls, a floating sailboat hanging above crib, and a hand-painted pear tree and little red bird mural in an unexpected corner, the stuff of childhood dreams.



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