parenting experts share 12 must-have nursery items for new parents

Parenting Experts Share 12 Must-Have Nursery Items for New Parents

Being a new parent is exciting. But you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices available and not sure which nursery items are truly essential. That’s why Newborn Nursery Furniture gathered opinions from parenting experts on the products that you should have before your little one's arrival.



Jenny from Midwife & Life

Firstly, a sturdy crib with a comfortable and safe mattress is a must. A changing table with ample storage space helps keep baby essentials organized. A cozy rocking chair or glider is perfect for late-night feedings.

Additionally, consider a dresser for baby's clothes and a versatile playpen for safe playtime. Safety is paramount, so make sure all furniture adheres to the latest safety standards.

Lastly, don't forget a reliable baby monitor to keep a close eye on your little one. These essentials will help make the nursery a comfortable and safe space for both baby and parents.


Dory Larrabee Zayas

We bought the Babyletto Kiwi Recliner before my daughter was born and still use it almost 5 years later! It has a fairly small footprint (great for a NYC apartment), swivels, features an electric recliner, and even has a USB port built-in for charging your phone during those late night feeds.

A dresser with a changing table topper is an absolute must, and Crate & Kids has so many sleek, chic, modern designs. You also absolutely need a great bookshelf. I asked family and friends to sign books instead of cards at my baby shower, so we have had a robust collection since the beginning.

I love this bookcase from Crate & Kids, because in addition to books, you can very easily store toys or clothes in bins or boxes within the cubes.


Deborah DiMare

The most important item you bring into a newborn’s nursery is their mattress. On average a child spends up to 75% of their younger years sleeping, and a baby’s skin, like ours, is porous, just like a sponge, and things, like dangerous chemicals, can easily pass through our skin.

Manufacturers are allowed to sell crib mattresses that contain these highly dangerous chemicals, chemicals that potentially affect a fragile baby’s brain development. So, stay away from mattresses that are filled with these poisons.

Also, allergic materials, like latex, even if it’s “natural or organic latex” should never be used in a crib mattress, cause you don’t know if a baby is allergic to latex.” If you like her content, here is more about her 10 ways on decorating a non-toxic nursery. And her course on designing a non toxic nursery.

Paul Zelewski

An important — but often overlooked — part of your nursery setup — the curtains. Specifically, you need blackout curtains. It’s not just about looking nice; the darkness provided by blackout curtains can help you get a baby to sleep during naps and early bedtimes. He said “and trust us, this will become very important.”

And the great thing about blackout curtains is that they can complement the style of your baby’s nursery — it’s not hard to find stylish curtains that can match the decor at a reasonable price! Just remember to measure the length you need … for maximum effect, blackout curtains should reach all the way to the ground and cover the full window!

Along with his opinion, he also recommended his favorite product “We like these 100% opaque blackout curtains from Amazon. With 5 different colors to choose from, you’re likely to find a set that effectively blocks the light from your little one’s room, while complementing your other furniture. Probably most importantly, they’re machine washable. You just can’t beat an item that helps your baby sleep and is easily cleaned. Right now, you can get two long panels for $36.89.”


Helen Neale

A must have for me was a mobile above the cot that was interesting enough to keep the little ones’ attention long enough for you to be able to go and have a shower! We had one with different music, different colours, and even speeds.

It might have had lots of bells and whistles, but in the early days it was so hard to leave the baby that anything that helped was quite simply, awesome.


  • A sturdy crib
  • A safe mattress
  • A changing table with storage
  • A cozy rocker or glider
  • A dresser
  • A bookshelf
  • A blackout curtain
  • A mobile above the cot
(Below items mentioned in Deborah DiMare ‘s video)
  • Art and accessories
  • Wallpaper
  • Organic cotton rugs
  • A Ceiling fan.


It's important to list out all the items that are essential to you before designing your dream nursery. So having a checklist would be helpful. If you would like to read about nursery furniture, our blog is your go-to resource. Finally, take time to explore, read and enjoy!


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