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Why Do You Need a Nursery?

A nursery is a separate room that is dedicated to a baby. It is a place where everything is for the baby. That means all the furniture, decorations, toys, and other essentials in this room are for a baby. It is important to have this separate space for a newborn to feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

Not buying the idea of nursery? Keep reading, we’ll go into details about all the “why’s” of having a nursery.

Privacy for both baby & parents

It is reasonable to have your baby sleep in your bedroom the first few months after their birth so you can always keep an eye on them. But after some time, you want your space back for rest and relaxation. It’s essential to be able to set aside all the chaos and spend some quality time with yourself and/or your spouse after a busy day. If you worry about not always seeing what your baby is up to when they are in a different room, setting up a baby monitor will ease your nerves.

A separate room also does good for the baby. A small person needs privacy just like us. In their own room, they will feel safe and restful themselves. As they grow up, they can turn this nursery into a toddler’s bedroom with your help, decorating the way they like.

Best Way to Keep Your Home Organized

Having a nursery is the BEST way to keep your home organized with a newborn around. You’re going to get overwhelmed with all the baby stuff – toys, formula, diapers, baby cloth. With a nursery, the mess doesn’t spread out. All you need is a great nursery set that can meet your need on giving a cozy spot for a baby to sleep, diaper changing and plenty of storage.

Safer Sleeping Environment for Baby

A mom and a baby in their nursery

Your baby needs a safer sleeping environment. This is crucial - “Baby’s skin is porous, and things, like dangerous chemicals, can easily pass through. Some highly dangerous chemicals contained in our furniture can affect a fragile baby’s brain development.” (quote from Founder of DiMare Design Deborah DiMare, who is a non-toxic nursery designer and consultant.)

That’s why a non-toxic nursery room is the best gift a parent can get for their baby. You want to have nursery furniture that passes the safety standards, like a GreenGuard Gold Certified crib. Furniture with this certification pass rigorous testing for over 10,000 chemical emissions, ensuring that the product is certified for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage.

Great Memory for Mom & Baby

Taking care of a newborn is hard work. But you may be in a better mood if the environment is cozy, chic, and comfortable. That’s a great memory for you!

And believe it or not. Babies have memories, too. Research shows that infants and small children can and do form memories. Beautiful surroundings will create safe, nice memories, that can carry into their adulthood.

A Toddler Bedroom

It won’t be a nursery forever. Once your child grows up, you can help them to transform the nursery into a bedroom. If you are limited to your budget, a convertible crib, that can convert into a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full size adult bed, would be a best choice for you. And your child will have lots of fun decorating his/her own room!

Sum Up

A nursery is an important part of nursing journey for both mom and kids. It is the place where your child’s first memory is created. And it is a place that can be separated from all the noise and dangerous chemicals that can hard a fragile life.

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