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Top 6 Nursery Glider with Ottoman Set in 2024

Last Updated Jan 2024

Having a cozy nursery chair is one of the crucial contributors for a comfortable and functional nursery.

As a new mom, you will spend hours feeding and rocking your baby daily. A comfortable nursery chair can ease your life tremendously and save you from developing back pain.

In this article, we will introduce you top 6 nursery glider with ottoman set that can both meet your nursing need and easily blend with your nursery/home decor.


When we talk about comfort, the first thing we think of is that a good nursery chair needs to have good back support and a comfortable seat. But let’s not forget about the legs. Yes, those tired legs of yours! They deserve extra attention as well because you walk all day and stand while holding your baby in your arms. So, when it is time for you to sit while relaxing, feeding, or rocking your baby to sleep, an ottoman plays a crucial role. By resting your legs on an ottoman, it will help a lot in alleviating tiredness and reducing aches. While giving your body and your legs the rest they deserve on a cozy chair with a nice ottoman, it is really a good chance for you to truly enjoy the bonding moment with your baby.


With all the choices available on the market, you might find it hard to make up your mind. But here are some factors you should consider when choosing a nursery glider with ottoman set.

First of all, it has to be comfortable of course. In this post we talks about 'what makes it a good nursery chair'.

Aside from being cozy, you should consider the materials, size, and design of the nursery glider and ottoman set. The made materials are better to be easy to clean. Performance fabric that resists stain and liquid is a good example. For sure you want it to be easy on the eye. It's important to get something that is neutral and easy to be blend with your existing decor. Also, not to forget the safety factor. We totally want to avoid anything that might be a safety hazard.

With all the above being said, we picked out 6 best nursery glider and ottoman sets for you.

Soho Baby Everlee Upholstered Glider and Ottoman Set in Cream


Soho Baby Everlee Upholstered Glider and Ottoman Set – available in cream, light grey, charcoal

Soho Baby Everlee Upholstered Glider and Ottoman Set features quiet metal mechanisms that offer a full range of motion – a calming gliding motion and a gentle 360-degree swivel. It is designed for lifelong comfort. After you baby grows up, you can move it to any room in your home.

Overall Dimensions: 36"W x 31.50"D x 38.50"H | Weight Capacity: 240lb

Soho Baby Essential Wooden Glider and Ottoman Set in Light Gray


Soho Baby Essential Wooden Glider and Ottoman Set – available in pink, light grey, dark grey

Soho Baby Essential Wooden Glider and Ottoman Set provides comfort, relaxation, and an ideal place for you to bond with your little one. The Essential Glider features a gentle rocking mechanism with a smooth rocking ottoman included. The Essential Glider is perfect for soothing both parents and baby and stylish enough to be transitioned to any room in the house.

Overall Dimensions: 26.90"W x 29.30"D x 38.00"H | Weight Capacity: 250lb

HOMCOM Nursery Glider Rocking Chair with Ottoman in cream white


HOMCOM Cream White Nursery Glider Rocking Chair with Ottoman – available in cream white, brown

This rocking glider with ottoman is another set you can’t miss. Crafted with premium faux suede, extra plush foam padding, and natural rubber wood, it offers unparalleled comfort for your nursery. Heavy-duty wood base ensures superior sturdiness and stability up to 253 lbs. It's totally the perfect choice for you to spend quality time with your baby or even on your own.

Overall Dimensions: 27" W x 31.5" D x 40.5" H | Weight Capacity: 253lb

Helpful Review: I bought this for my expecting daughter-in-law and my son put it together with no problems. Its got a very sturdy base and the matching footstool is well made also.

HOMCOM Stylish Houndstooth Upholstered Nursery Glider Rocker with Ottoman Set


HOMCOM Stylish Houndstooth Upholstered Nursery Glider Rocker with Ottoman Set

Looking for something much simpler yet sophisticated-looking? Then, this houndstooth-patterned set is probably the one for you. This nursery rocker and ottoman pair is not built just for comfort; it is also designed to be a center piece no matter where you want to place it. Even your baby will love it when they grow older.

Overall Dimensions: 28" W x 33.5" D x 38.5" H | Weight Capacity: 330lb

Helpful Review: I purchased this for my nursery and it is very nice. It was a bit hard to put together but it overall worked out.

AFG Sleigh Nursery Glider Chair and Ottoman Set in Espresso


AFG Sleigh Nursery Glider Chair and Ottoman Set – available in espresso, cherry, pecan

Looking to spend some relaxing time without a single worry? Take a look at this glider chair and ottoman combo. Once you sit on it with your legs resting nicely on the ottoman, there is no guarantee you will not fall asleep! Just make sure you have already placed your baby in the cot.

Overall Dimensions: 40" L x 28"W x 25"H | Weight Capacity: 250lb

Helpful Review: Just absolutely perfect!! My Husband got it as soon as he knew we where expecting and already comes in handy! Cant wait to rock the little one in it.

 AFG Alice Nursery Glider Chair and Ottoman White


AFG Alice Nursery Glider Chair and Ottoman White

Introducing the Alice Glider Chair & Ottoman! Experience ultimate comfort and luxury as a new parent with this versatile and stylish addition to your nursery, living room, or office. The smooth gliding action, supported by top-quality steel ball bearings, ensures quiet relaxation for you and your baby during nursing or after a long day of work. Crafted with sturdy hardwood and generously padded for your enjoyment, this chair is built to last and cradle you in blissful comfort.

Overall Dimensions: 33.5" L x 27"W x 40"H | Weight Capacity: 250lb

Helpful Review: I bought a white one. Great quality at a great price, easy to assemble, glides easily, very comfortable and look good. As good as or even glide a little better than a more expensive glider I bought 7 years ago. Highly recommend it.


To ensure your nursery is comfortable, practical, and safe, let us share some useful tips:

  • Setting up the nursery

Make sure to place your nursery chair and ottoman set in a location that is convenient for you to sit in, to move around, to reach for essential items, and most importantly, to be close by the baby cot. Equip your nursery with adequate lighting and make sure the ventilation is good. It is also a good idea to place the white noise machine in the nursery. All of these will create a calm and soothing atmosphere for both the parents and the baby.

  • Cleaning and care

With babies around, you can’t avoid things getting messy. That is why you need to take note of some maintenance and cleaning methods. While most of the nursery chairs and furniture come with easy-to-clean materials, you might want to read a bit more on this so that all your items will last for a longer period of time. Refer to our Product Care Guidelines for cleaning tips.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post and the recommended glider and ottoman set list. If you have any questions about purchasing the product, feel free to contact us at We are happy to help you build your dreaming nursery!

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