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Top 3 Nursery Furniture Set in 2024

Getting ready to set up your nursery? One of the big project is shopping all the nursery furniture. If you don't have a lot of time to look piece by piece, then buying a nursery set is a great choice for you. 

Buying nursery furniture set is a great way to save money and time. It's easy to match up since it already is a set, and it can save up to 20% when buy in bundle instead of buying each piece separately.

In this post, we will introduce you 3 high quality nursery furniture sets from Oxford Baby & Kids and Soho Baby that are both appealing to eyes and friendly on your wallet.

Need help on organizing your baby's items, you can download a pdf baby checklist here.


Before we go to the list, let’s talk about the benefits of having high-quality furniture for your nursery. High-quality nursery furniture is more durable, and it is built for long time use, that means you will not have to spend money on repair work, or buying replacements. So investing on high-quality nursery furniture will never go to waste because you will benefit from it for years to come (even after the little one has grown up). It will provide the necessary support and comfort to both you and your little one.


When choosing the right nursery furniture, always remember to consider below aspects:

  • Safety features

This should be your top priority. Always go with furniture that is safe for children. Check for the safety labels, certifications, safety mechanisms available, and baby-proof design. Some nursery furniture safety certifications include Greenguard Gold and JPMA.

  • Material and construction quality

Look for furniture that is made of high-quality material, such as solid wood. We want to make sure that the furniture is sturdy, well-built, and at the same time comfortable.

  • Design and aesthetics

Pick something that is easy for your eyes, and match the overall theme for your nursery or even your home decor. When talking about aesthetics, just follow what your heart wants (but don’t forget about criteria 1 and 2 above!).

  • Price and budget considerations

Make a list on all the items you plan to purchase. And make adjustments based on your budget. This is a crucial step before going on your shopping spree, because you want to make sure you get all the necessary items before buying items that are not first priority.


oxford baby kenilworth collection stone wash


Oxford Baby Kenilworth Collection, pieces from $99.99-$699.99 on Newborn Nursery Furniture (Available in Stone Wash, Graphite Gray)

Timeless design meets versatile functionality with this crib ($459.99), six-drawer dresser ($699.99), five-drawer chest (&678.99), two-drawer nightstand ($358.99), Changing Topper ($159.99), Toddler Bed Guard Rail ($99.99), and Full-Size Bed Conversion Kit. Each piece is available in stone wash and graphite gray. Save $300 if purchase the full set.

soho baby chandler collection graphite gray


    Soho Baby Chandler Collection, pieces from $99.99-$746.99 on Newborn Nursery Furniture (Available in Stone Wash, Graphite Gray)

    Discover Timeless Elegance with Soho Baby Chandler Collection - where classic design meets modern functionality. This collection includes a 4-in-1 convertible crib ($599.99), six-drawer dresser ($719.99), five-drawer chest ($746.99), two-drawer nightstand ($379.99), changing topper ($159.99), guard rail ($99.99), and full bed conversion kit ($199.99). The set comes in Graphite Gray and Stone Wash finishes spells luxury in every single detail of its design. Save $300 if purchase the full set.

    soho baby honey wood collection


    Soho Baby Everlee Collection, pieces from $69.99-$819.99 on Newborn Nursery Furniture (Available in Honey Wood, Graystone and Whitewash)

    Transform your nursery with the Soho Baby Everlee Collection. Crafted with precision and designed to evolve with your child, the Everlee Collection offers sophistication and versatility for your nursery. This versatile collection consists of 4-in-1 Convertible Crib ($499.99), 3-in-1 convertible island crib, six-drawer dresser ($655.99), five-drawer chifferobe ($819.99), two-drawer nightstand ($279.99), changing topper ($129.99), toddler guard rail for 4 in 1 crib ($99.99), toddler guard rail for 3 in 1 crib ($69.99), and full size bed conversion kit ($199.99). Save $150 if purchase the full set.


      To conclude it all, make a wise choice for the nursery furniture, as you and your baby will be the ones that spend most of your time in the room with these furniture pieces around.

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