Top 10 Best Nursery Rocking Chairs for Small Space in 2024

Top 10 Best Nursery Rocking Chairs for Small Space in 2024

Updated 01.05.24

Wanna build a cozy and inviting space for your nursery with limited space but need help on getting the right size nursery furniture? You are at the right spot. In this blog, we will give you some recommendations of top quality and great style nursery rockers that can fit into smaller space, like apartment, condo or a corner in your living room.

The rocking chairs listed below are much smaller than standard rockers. And to save you some time on research, here is the most rocking chairs measurements: somewhere between 37 - 45 inches tall, 26 - 30 inches wide, and 32 -37 inches deep. But note: save some space for "rock" - allow for 2 - 3 ft on all sides of your rocking chairs.

Whether you prefer a classic mid-century design or a modern and trendy look, HOMCOM and Ashcroft have the perfect rocking chair to suit your needs. These 10 nursery rockers can transform any small space into a haven of relaxation and serenity.

HOMCOM Upholstered Nursery Rocking Armchair, Wood Base and Linen Fabric Padded Seat in Grey

1. HomCom Upholstered Rocker with Wood Base and Linen Padded Seat. Available in grey and pink.

This HOMCOM upholstered Rocking Armchair is designed to provide the utmost comfort and support. It features a sturdy curved wood base and thick, breathable linen fabric seat which creates a cozy spot for nursing and bonding. Rock your little one to sleep or relax in style as you enjoy peaceful moments together. This versatile chair blends seamlessly with any decor and adds a hint of elegance to your space. Embrace the joy of parenthood with this delightful nursery essential.

Helpful Review: "I love these little rockers. I'm so glad I do, because I took a risk and bought 2 at once. I've been searching for months! They were a great price (I've seen them all, and there are none less expensive!), they are sturdy, and they blend perfectly with my decor. Some people had trouble assembling them, so here is some advice. A couple of the screws don't line up perfectly. So it is best if you assemble lightly, without screwing everything in tightly at first, so that you have a little wiggle room. Then go back and tighten everything. I'm going to order a couple more for my nursery, mother-in-law suite, and guesthouse;)"

Dimensions: 25.25" W x 33.75" D x 31.5" H | Weight Capacity: 330lbs

HOMCOM Fabric Nursery Rocking Chair with Tufted Wingback in Cream White

2. HomCom Mid-Century Fabric Rocking Sofa with Wingback. Available in Cream White

A Fan of Mid-Century Style? Do not miss this Cream White HomCom Mid-Century Fabric Upholstered Rocker. Featuring extra-thick foam, a soft-cushioned seat, and a gracefully tufted curved back, this chair not only adds style to your nursery decor but also provides ultimate comfort to your feeding and bonding time with your little one! The frame of the chair is crafted with a solid structure from rubber-wood and steel, guaranteeing lasting durability and unwavering stability. The gentle rocking function allows rocking it back or forth without effort, provides a soothing nursery experience. It creates a perfect cozy spot for those quiet moments of relaxation.

Helpful Review: "This beautiful rocker arrives well-packaged and in three main parts: 2 legs (which have felt on the bottoms, great touch!) + the seat. Installing the legs using the provided Allen wrench and screws took me less than ten minutes. I am happy to have it in my neutral nursery. The chair is quite comfortable for me, but I would not purchase if you are plus size. I am 5'5" & 150lbs and I have plenty of room in the seat."

Dimensions: 27.25" W x 35.5" D x 39.25" H | Weight Capacity: 264lbs

HOMCOM Modern Nursery Rocking Chair with Removable Lumbar Pillow in Light Grey

3. HomCom Modern Nursery Rocking Chair with Removable Lumbar Pillow.(Available in Light Grey):

Embrace the timeless charm of its traditional design HomCom Modern Rocker in Light Gray Fabric. Featuring extra-thick foam, a soft-cushioned seat, and a gracefully tufted curved back, this rocker provides the ultimate comfort to your nursing time. The breathable linen fabric ensures smoothness and effortless upkeep. A curved back with two wings can wrap around your whole body. And the removable lumbar that comes with the chair is a good back support. The frame is crafted with a solid structure from rubber-wood and steel, guaranteeing lasting durability and unwavering stability. The chair can easily holds up to 264 lbs. The light grey color makes this chair a fit in any room.

Helpful Review: "I put it together myself in about 15 minutes. It is very sturdy so far, bought about two weeks ago and I use it everyday for my baby. Larger seat than I expected which is nice to curl up into. Firm but still comfy. I will def use it somewhere else in the house as my child grows."

Dimensions: 30" W x 39" D x 41" H | Weight Capacity: 264lbs

HOMCOM Modern Wingback Nursery Accent Rocking Chair in Pink

4. HomCom Upholstered Accent Rocking Chair. (Available in PinkGray, and Blue):

The HOMCOM Accent Rocking chair is designed specifically for nurseries, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality. The soft pink upholstery and modern wingback design create a chic and inviting space. With its gentle rocking motion and supportive armrests, this glider rocker provides your little one with the ideal freedom, soothing, or reading room.

Helpful Review: "Our recliner needed replaced in our living room and while we wanted a new one they were out of our budget. So we decided to get something more like a rocking chair, but comfortable and stylish enough for our living room. This chair fit exactly that. It arrived quickly, was packaged very securely and everything was wrapped for protection. It was VERY simple, quick, and easy to put together. Also note that I am a thick thighed woman and I am able to sit in this chair with room to spare. Do yourself a favor and order it. You won't regret it. I am contemplating on getting another one!"

Dimensions: 24.75" W x 34.75" D x 37" H | Weight Capacity: 330lbs

Ashcroft Rudnick Mercury Row Fabric Nursery Rocking Chair in Dark Grey

5. Ashcroft Rudnick Mercury Row Fabric Nursery Rocker (Available in Dark Grey)

Look no further than the Ashcroft Rudnick Mercury Row Fabric Nursery Rocker in Dark Grey for a mid-century and versatile nursery rocking chair. This Rocking Chair is the perfect addition to any nursery, providing a comfortable and soothing spot for parents to rock their little ones to sleep. With its gentle rocking motion, it creates a calming environment that helps lull babies into a peaceful slumber. Its sleek design, comfortable seating, and gentle rocking motion make it an excellent addition to any nursery or living room. The neutral grey color blends seamlessly with various décor styles, adding sophistication to your space.

Helpful Review: "We bought this chair in gray for my daughter and son-in-law and it is the perfect piece for their new nursery! Very sturdy and comfortable"

Dimensions: 227"W x 30"D x 35"H | Weight Capacity: 300lbs

HOMCOM Nursery Accent Rocking Chair with Curved Wood Base, Linen Seat in Cream White

6. HomCom Accent Lounge Rocking Chair w/ Solid Curved Wood Base and Linen Padded Seat (Available in Grey, Cream):

Indulge in pure comfort and relaxation with HOMCOM Accent Lounge Rocking Chair. The solid curved wood base and padded linen seat provide a comfortable and supportive experience. Whether nursing your little one or enjoying a good book, this grey rocking chair offers a cozy retreat for your Nursery, living room, or Bedroom.

Helpful Review: "This product couldn't be more perfect for the price. Great quality too. We have a very small nursery and this chair is the perfect size. Super impressed and happy with this purchase."

Dimensions: 27"W x 30"D x 35"H | Weight Capacity: 330lbs

Ashcroft Chloe Original Gray Linen Nursery Rocking Chair

7. Ashcroft Chloe Original Grey Linen Nursery Rocking Chair (Available in Grey, Green, Blue, Orange):

Elevate your living space with the Ashcroft Nursery Rocking Chair in Chole's original gray linen. This stylish and comfortable rocking chair is ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your living room or bedroom.

Helpful Review: "I am so happy with this chair that I have already recommended it to other pregnant moms. I agonized over the need for an expensive glider for nursing and researched a lot of chairs available in the market. Design, putting the chair together, and price point were key for my decision as I wasn't willing to spend $700 and upwards for a chair that I won't use in 6 months. This chair fits the budget perfectly and is way below $700. It looks great in the nursery. I am 5'3" and my husband is 6' and both of us find the firm cushion and the long backrest extremely comfortable. I haven't felt the need for a lumbar cushion yet but I might just add it. I can see this chair in my living room once the baby stops nursing. Highly recommend buying this chair. the arm rest height should be good but we will know that once the baby is born. The width is great for urban apartments. I tried a lot of the high-end super soft chairs and I prefer this chair above all."

Dimensions: 26"W x 40"D x 43"H | Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Ashcroft Chelsea Blue Velvet Fabric Nursery Rocking Chair

8. Ashcroft Chelsea Rocking Chair for Nursery (Available in Blue, Grey, Green):

Add a bold statement with this mid-century style Ashcroft Nursery Rocking Chair in Chelsea blue velvet fabric. The luxurious blue velvet upholstery adds an excellent touch to your nursery room. With its ergonomic design and gentle rocking motion, this chair offers the ideal spot to relax and unwind during breastfeeding and bonding time with your little one.

Dimensions: 27.5"W x 36"D x 38.5"H | Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Ashcroft Demetrius Green Velvet Fabric Nursery Rocking Chair

9. Ashcroft Demetrius Nursery Rocking Chair (Available in Cream Linen, Green Velvet, Light Grey Micro, Dark Grey Velvet, and Dark Blue Velvet):

Create a unique and tranquil atmosphere with the mid-century style Ashcroft Nursery Rocking Chair in Demetrius Cream Linen Fabric. The Neutral cream color and linen upholstery exude elegance and sophistication. This rocking chair is a beautiful addition to your nursery room and a comfortable and supportive seat for moments of peace and reflection.

Helpful Review: "I love this chair!!! I wanted a rocking chair for my nursery that could also work in my home after baby gets bigger. This is perfect! Im short and my husband is really tall. I will say it fits me better then him but it works for both of us!"

Dimensions: 27.8"W x 35"D x 36.5"H | Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Ashcroft Alexa Gray Velvet Fabric Nursery Rocking Chair

10. Ashcroft Alexa Grey Velvet Nursery Rocking Chair (Available in Grey Velvet):

Enjoy the ultimate blend of style and comfort with Ashcroft Nursery Rocking Chair in Alexa grey velvet fabric. The plush velvet upholstery and solid wood base create a luxurious seating option for your nursery room. The gentle rocking motion soothes your sense, making it the ideal space to relax and unwind.

Helpful Review: "Very cute chair. Perfect for nursery. Easy assembly."

Dimensions: 26"W x 36"D x 36.5"H | Weight Capacity: 300lbs

To Sum Up

Transform your Nursery Room into a haven of comfort and style with our HOMCOM and Ashcroft Nursery Rocking Chairs selections. From classic mid-century designs to modern and trendy options, there is a perfect nursery rocking chair for every taste and preference. These chairs provide a comfortable seating experience and add a touch of elegance to your nursery room. Choose the ideal nursery rocking chair from this selection and enjoy moments of relaxation, bonding, and tranquility in style.

Use this Baby checklist to help you stay organized in your nursery.

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