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3 Nursery Chair Recommendations with Higher Weight Limits

Looking for a nursery glider or nursery rocking chair for your nursery? 

Setting up your nursery for your bundle of joy is an exciting task. From a crib to  a dresser, every piece of furniture is essential.

And finding a comfortable nursery glider or nursery rocking chair is especially crucial since you will spend hours everyday to feed and rock your little one.

Unfortunately, there are not many nursery glider or nursery rocking chair out there with high weight limit, like 350lb. Most nursery gliders have a 250 lb weight limit, some 225lb.

But do not worry. In this post, we will give you some nursery glider and nursery rocking chair with higher weight limit.

Madison Park Justin Swivel Glider Chair in Tan

Customer Review: "I ordered two of these chairs and they came very quickly by UPS. The boxes were a little beat up, but the chairs were in perfect condition. They are exactly as pictured and both swivel and glide. Be aware though that these chairs are on the petite side and the back is not high for laying back and relaxing. For me though they are exactly what my space needed as I did not want huge chairs."

Dimensions: 29.5"W x 30.25"D x 34.5"H | Weight Capacity: 300lbs


We got you! The Nursery Glider Collection we carry can totally meet your needs.

Nursery Glider chairs offer a smooth gliding motion, usually with the help of ball bearings or a gliding mechanism. These chairs are popular in nurseries due to their gentle movement. Check out Madison Park Justin Swivel Glider Chair in Tan by Olliix comes with 360 degree of swivel feature. The weight limit for it is 300 lb. The great part about this chair is after your baby grows up, you can move it to your living room and use it as an accent chair for an extra seat.

Ashcroft Demetrius Green Velvet Fabric Nursery Rocking Chair

Customer Review: "I love this chair!!! I wanted a rocking chair for my nursery that could also work in my home after baby gets bigger. This is perfect! Im short and my husband is really tall. I will say it fits me better then him but it works for both of us!"

Dimensions: 27.8"W x 35"D x 36.5"H | Weight Capacity: 300lbs


Instead of choosing a nursery glider, you can go with a nursery rocking chair or a nursery recliner.

A Nursery Rocking Chair can be a really comfy spot for those nighttime feeds. They are good to use for soothing babies and getting them to sleep. The weight limit for nursery rocking chairs can vary, but many models can go up to 300 lb or even higher. Our nursery rocking chairs from Ashcroft Furniture, Aosom, and Sunset Trading can meet your needs.

A Nursery Recliner usually comes with cushioned arms and a higher back that can support your neck and head, as well as a dense foam seat cushion. All these features make it a super comfy spot for you and your baby. Weight limits for recliner chairs can vary significantly, but many models can support weights up to 300 to 500 lb. Check our recommendations of nursery recliners below.

Sunset Trading Horizon Slipcovered Chair in Tan

Dimensions: 27.8"W x 35"D x 36.5"H | Weight Capacity: 350lbs


Choose a Nursery Lounge or a Nursery Armchair

Nursery Armchairs come in various styles and designs. It is usually a big comfortable chair that has a support on each side for your arms. Most nursery armchairs also provide a cozy and cushioned seating option, making it a good choice for nursery. The weight limit for armchairs varies depending on the specific model and construction. Generally, they can support weights ranging from 300 to 800 lb.

Our Collections You Can Explore

  • Olliix Collection: Discover timeless designs and quality craftsmanship. The Olliix collection is known for its stylish and functional nursery chairs with weight limits of 300 pounds and up. These chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and durability for individuals of different sizes.
  • Ashcroft Rockers: Ashcroft Rockers offer a selection of nursery chairs with higher weight limits, providing a blend of classic design and sturdiness. With weight limits of up to 300 pounds, these rockers are perfect for parents seeking comfort and reliability. Also, from cribs to changing tables, these meticulously crafted pieces combine modern design with functionality, providing a stylish and comfortable environment for your baby's nursery. Explore our Ashcroft Rockers collection and find the perfect chair that can accommodate higher-weight capacities without compromising style or comfort.
  • Slipcovers and Armchairs from Sunset Trading: Discover quality craftsmanship and contemporary designs that blend comfort and aesthetics seamlessly. Flash Furniture offers a range of push-back recliners designed for nursery use with weight limits also varying up to 350 pounds. These recliners provide optimal support, allowing parents to relax and unwind while tending to their little ones.


    We hope this article helps you find the perfect nursery chair for your nursery. If you want to read more about nursery seating, you can head to our nursery seating blog. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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