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Swivel Chair for Nursery: Yea or Nay?

A few days ago, we came across a question on an internet forum about swivel chair, posted by an expecting mom.

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The to-be mom wonders whether a nursery swivel chair is suitable to be used as a nursing chair. To answer her question, first we will talk about what makes a good nursery chair.

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1. Comfort

Ashcroft Elise Cream Boucle Nursery Swivel Chair

Nursing is not an easy task, especially during late night. A comfortable nursery chair can ease your pain and you will have less chance develop soreness on your neck, back, and arms. What does 'comfort' mean? It means coziness - a soft and firm seat so that you can have a good sitting posture; thick, wide arm paddings to support your arms; back is high enough to support your back and neck. Do not sacrifice comfort for style. Some of the nursery chairs might look average but they are comfortable. Get a nursing pillow if you think you will need one.

2. Practicality

Material is another crucial when comes to picking a nursery chair. Unless you have some personal preference, choose a stain-resistant, easy-to-clean performance fabric nursery chair is the way to go. Of course you can never go wrong with leather. 

Other features to consider are motions of the chair, like gliding, rocking or swiveling. A nursery chair with motions can help sooth your little one and get he/her to sleep. Also, it will help you move around without waking your baby.

3. Safety

Nursery rocking chairs and nursery gliders can pinch little fingers and toes. So that makes a swivel chair a win. But if you purchase a nursery chair with rocking or gliding motions, you'd better choose one with a stop-lock mechanism system that prevents the chair from moving when not in use.

4. Style

I'm not saying "no style at all". Choose one that fits your nursery decor. It shouldn't be hard since there are so many choices out there. If you still like to use it around your home after your baby grows up, you can get one that is neutral or blends in with your home decor.

So did I answer her question yet? Almost.

Now let's think about if a swivel chair will do the job.

If a swivel chair that is upholstered, with thick padded arms and comfortable seat. I'll say why not.

The swivel motion of a swivel chair makes it convenient for breastfeeding.

Our Recommendations

At Newborn Nursery Furniture, we carry an array of nursery chairs, including nursery glider, nursery rocking chair, nursery recliners, nursery swivel chairs and nursery armchairs. Below are some of the nursery chairs with swivel motion alone or combination of multiple motions.

Ashcroft Delaney Cream Boucle Nursery Swivel Chair


Ashcroft Delaney Cream Boucle Nursery Swivel Chair

You will love this mid-century modern style boucle nursery swivel chair from Ashcroft if you are a lover of mid-century decor. It is built with sturdy wood frame and comes with thick padded seat, armrests and back. It is not just suitable for nursery but can be a great addition to any of your room after your little one grows up.

Helpful Review: "Chairs are super cute and comfy! Everyone loves them, I get lots of compliments. They are beautiful and the color is gorgeous. We absolutely LOVE them!"

Dimensions: 31"W x 28"D x 29.8"H | Motions: Swivel


Sunset Trading Horizon Slipcovered Swivel Rocking Chair, Linosa Linen

Should your daily activities hit a bump, Horizon Slipcovered Swivel Rocking Chair creates the best seating protection for your kids to play, Grandma’s red wine to sway and your pets to jump. This slipcovered swivel rocking chair is a perfect choice for nursery. It comes with performance fabric slipcovers. It both swivels and rocks. And the paddings are thick and firm to make your nursing experience the haven.

Helpful Review: "The linen slipcover is awesome. It's soft but heavy fabric with good zippers and looks expensive and very well made. Actually much better than the slipcovers on the chair I bought from Jordans furniture for four times the price. The rocking mechanism is smooth and quiet, and the cushions are upgraded to down surround which I paid extra for in my old chair. In my opinion slipcovers are the only way to go for anyone with kids and/or pets! Just pull them off and throw them in the washing machine and they look (and smell, for those of us with dogs!) brand new again. Its the only thing I will buy after buying my first slipcovered sofa 25 years ago!..."

Dimensions: 36"W x 36"D x 36"H | Motions: Swivel, Rocking

Soho Baby Essential Upholstered Glider in Cream


Soho Baby Essential Upholstered Glider

The fabric of this nursery swivel glider is soft, comfortable, and relaxing. It provides the ideal place to spend quality time with your little one. The Essential Upholstered Glider is perfect for soothing both parents and baby and stylish enough to be transitioned to any room in the house.

Dimensions: 33"W x 34"D x 39.50"H | Motions: Swivel, Gliding

Sum Up

When it comes to choosing a nursery chair, it is very important to pick one that is comfortable. An expertly designed nursery chair is nice but it's not necessary if you already have something at home (like this mother-to-be) that is comfy and practical for you. Hope you enjoy reading this post and find it helpful!

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