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Glider vs. Rocker: Which Should You Choose?

It is exciting and fun to create a pleasant and cozy nursery for both you and your kids. And a nursery chair is an essential piece that frequently takes center stage in a nursery room.

Nursery rocking chair and nursery glider are two most common nursery chairs. But how to decide between the two? They both give character to the area and provide a comfy spot for breastfeeding and bonding with your baby. This is what this blog about - we will compare nursery rocking chairs and nursery gliders, to help you make an informed decision for a perfect nursery chair.


The nursery rocking chair and glider are two common choices for comfy seating in your baby's nursery. While they both provide a comfortable and relaxing spot for you and your baby, there are significant distinctions between the two:


The most major distinction is in the motion they provide. A nursery rocking chair rocks back and forth on curved legs or a base in a conventional rocking motion. This motion is produced by pressing your feet on the floor or by utilizing the chair's built-in rocker mechanism. A nursery glider chair, on the other hand, provides a gentle gliding action. It glides back and forth on a horizontal plane, aided by a mechanism that allows the chair to glide on a stationary base.


While the motion of a rocking chair is controlled by whoever is sitting in it, the motion of a glider is normally controlled by the gliding mechanism. Gliders are intended to travel with little effort, resulting in a smooth and quiet gliding experience. This might be useful whenever attempting to prevent making unexpected movements that can wake up a sleeping infant.


A nursery glider in nurseries are more stable than a nursery rocking chair. Typically, the gliding mechanism is meant to avoid tipping or excessive rocking. When you need a solid and sturdy seating choice, especially when breastfeeding or feeding your infant, this stability might be useful.


Rocking chairs and gliders are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and fabric options to complement your nursery décor. Nursery rocking chairs, on the other hand, have a more classic and conventional appearance, while nursery gliders have a more modern and current appearance. When deciding between the two, consider your personal preference as well as the overall aesthetic of your nursery.


For a good reason, nursery rocking chairs have been a fixture in nurseries for years. Here are some of the advantages they provide:


A nursery rocking chair has a timeless, nostalgic appeal that adds warmth and character to the decor of the space. It produces a relaxing atmosphere that encourages relaxation.


Nursery rocking chairs are adaptable and may be used in a variety of places once your child has outgrown the nursery.


The smooth rocking action of a nursery rocking chair is soothing to both newborns and adults. It can lull your baby to sleep or bring comfort during fussy times.


When your child outgrows the nursery, the rocking chair may be moved to other places in your home. It remains a nice location for leisure and thought, whether in the living room or on the porch.


Demetrius Rocking Chair in Green Velvet

The Demetrius Rocking Chair in Green Velvet blends traditional elegance with sumptuous comfort, making it an ideal nursery seating option. It offers a calm and comforting environment for you and your baby with its smooth rocking motion and luxurious velvet upholstery.

Ashcroft Demetrius Green Velvet Fabric Nursery Rocking Chair

HomCom Upholstered Rocking Armchair in Grey

The HomCom Upholstered Rocking Armchair in Grey combines modern style and comfort, with a solid wood base, cushioned seat, and linen fabric upholstery. Its rocking action delivers a calming effect while bringing a touch of modernity to your nursery or living area.

HomCom Accent Rocking Chairs in Grey

The HomCom Accent Rocking Chair in Grey would look great in any living area or bedroom. Its upholstered fabric, nursery glider functionality, and wingback profile provide comfort and refinement to those looking for a modern sitting solution.

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Nursery gliders have grown in popularity due to their smooth gliding motion and extra comfort features. Consider its following benefits:


Gliders have a noiseless gliding action that allows you to relax your baby without disturbing him or her.


A nursery glider's smooth gliding action provides a tranquil and pleasant experience. It promotes relaxation and tranquility by allowing for a gradual back-and-forth motion.


Many nursery gliders have soft cushioning, lumbar support, and matching ottomans, which provide extra comfort while feeding, bonding, or simply enjoying peaceful moments with your baby.


Nursery gliders are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and upholstery options, making it easy to select one that suits the theme and aesthetic of your nursery.


Soho Baby Essential Wooden Glider and Ottoman Set (Pink, Light Grey, Dark Grey)

The Soho Baby Essential Wooden Glider and Ottoman Set is a fashionable and comfy seating option for your nursery. It provides a nice location to rest and bond with your baby thanks to its peaceful gliding motion, matching gliding ottoman, and cozy upholstery.

soho baby essential wooden glider and ottoman set in pink

Augustine Swivel Glider Chair in Grey Taupe

The Augustine Swivel Glider Chair in Grey Taupe pairs utility and beauty, with a smooth swivel and gliding action for relaxing relaxation. Its fashionable shape and varied hue make it an excellent choice for any nursery or living room.

AFG Amber Swivel Glider Recliner in Gray

The AFG Amber Swivel Glider Recliner in Gray is a one-piece design that blends beauty, comfort, and adaptability. It provides a luxurious and peaceful seating experience for your nursery or living area with its swivel, glide, and reclining capabilities.


Consider the motion, design, and features that correspond with your tastes and the needs of your infant when deciding between a nursery rocking chair and a glider rocking chair. Whether you choose the traditional appeal of a rocking chair or the smooth gliding motion of a glider, each provides distinct advantages for establishing a pleasant and calming environment in your nursery. Explore our suggested goods to find the ideal nursery chair for you and your child to enjoy numerous moments of relaxation and bonding.

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